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Grants & Scholarships

CCSS Grant Program

CCSS is devoted to fostering understanding and appreciation of all kinds of succulents including cacti. To further this effort, CCSS will grant funds to our members for selected projects that help spread the knowledge and joy of these special plants.

The Society Board will determine an appropriate grant budget at the beginning of each fiscal year. As a working guideline, no individual project may take more than 50% of that year’s budget. Applications may be submitted in writing to a member of the Board of Directors at any time during the year. All applications received by December 1 will be evaluated by a review committee. The committee will provide a list the projects in recommended order of preference to the Board of Directors for final decision by January 1. The Board of Directors will make the final decision on funding projects. A project that is time-dependent and requested before or after December 1 may be submitted with a request for expedited evaluation. The Board of Directors has the option to consider such a project on a case-by-case basis.

The Society Board will determine an appropriate grant budget by the start of its new fiscal year. The President will announce the grant budget in the next POI and request applications. All applications received by the Board will be evaluated by the Board and a funding determination made within 30 days. Additional funding requests received during the year will be evaluated and a funding decision made on them within 30 days as well.

All Proposals will include the following items (brevity will be appreciated): 

  1. Name of the CCSS member responsible for proposing the project. This person may be contacted by the Board to obtain additional information or clarification about the project.
  2. Brief description of the project and who will be responsible for completing the project.
  3. What the project is expected to accomplish, who and how many will benefit from the project.
  4. Likelihood of success in achieving the goals of the project.
  5. Expected timeline, completion date, measures for evaluating success.
  6. Monetary and non-monetary benefits to CCSS.
  7. Other groups and organizations cooperating in or benefiting from the project.
  8. Expected duration of benefits to the club.

When the project is completed the responsible member will notify the Board of Directors that the project is completed, summarize the results of the project, account for grant funds and return any unused funds.

The number of projects approved and the total funding level will be determined by the Board or Directors and may vary from year to year. Projects that are not approved may be resubmitted for future consideration.

2020 CCSS Scholarship Opportunities

The Colorado Cactus & Succulent Society (CCSS) is pleased to announce the Cactus & Succulent Student Scholarship.  $1,000 scholarships will be offered two times a year, and CCSS will award a maximum of two scholarships per year. In addition to completing this application form, applicants will be required to submit unofficial school transcripts, and an essay. 


Eligibility:  Eligibility is limited to applicants who meet the following criteria:

Applicants from Colorado or enrolled in a Colorado college 

Member of the CCSS and/or an interest in cacti and succulents

Currently enrolled at an accredited US college, university, or professional/grad school on a full-time basis in the study of botany, horticulture, or related science

Applicants who have a minimum GPA of 3.0


Download information and application here.