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Michelle Cloud-Hughes - One Night Only!

We have a Special Event this Friday Evening, Michelle Cloud-Hughes, from Desert Solitaire Botany and Ecological Restoration, will present "The horror of man and beast: A relatively painless introduction to the Cylindropuntia of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico".

The Talk: Cylindropuntia (chollas) are a vital component of our North American desert ecosystems, though their notoriously vicious nature has made them relatively unpopular for scientific research and cultivation. This presentation will provide an overview of our main research topics within the Cylindropuntia, how we address these questions, and our recent discoveries. We will then explore the Cylindropuntia of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico, with an emphasis on the characters most important for identification and the evolutionary relationships among the species.

The Presenter: Michelle Cloud-Hughes is a botanist and ecologist specializing in desert flora and ecosystems. She began her career as a restoration ecologist, working for the Soil Ecology and Restoration Group at San Diego State University for 17 years, mainly in the Mojave Desert. In 2010 she started her company, Desert Solitaire Botany and Ecological Restoration, and since then she has been involved in many rare plant surveys and other botanical and restoration projects throughout the southwestern U.S. and Mexico. Her main love is cholla, and she has been researching all things Cylindropuntia for over ten years and spreading word of their awesomeness at every opportunity. She is an editor of Crossosoma, the journal of the Southern California Botanists, and an author of Cylindropuntia chuckwallensis, a California endemic and the most recent addition to California’s cactus flora.

7pm, Friday, June 10th, 2022

Sturm Family Auditorium
Freyer – Newman Center
Denver Botanic Gardens
1007 York Street
Denver, CO 80206

I hope to see everyone there,

- Scott

PS - If you joined at the Show and Sale, we are updating our contact list and you should be hearing from us soon.