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Volunteering for the Show & Sale

The Colorado Cactus Show and Sale needs your help! Your volunteer hours help our annual fundraiser run smoothly – we can’t do it without you.


!! These are 2022 Rules and Comments, and subject to change for 2023 !!


To receive the 20% Discount, you'll need to fulfill two requirements:

  • You must be a good standing member of the club by March 31, 2022, and
  • You must volunteer 6 hours during the weekend & signed off by a team lead.

Volunteer shifts are 2 to 4 hours each, depending on the position & you can replace 1 shift with one hot dish (until filled) Please coordinate with Food Committee.

Thanks for your understanding as we streamline our volunteer and member discount policies.

A few additional housekeeping items:

  • You can sign up for Volunteer Opportunities Here
  • All volunteer shift check-ins are at the plant check table, head there before your station.

Often the crowd comes in waves and there might be a few minutes where you can be helpful in other areas! Thank you in advance!