1. Certain cacti can live up to 300 years old.


2. Some red flowers on cacti release a rotting meat scent, this attracts insects that pollinate them.


3.There are thousands of species of cacti. The physical features on cacti can vary immensely, ranging from tall and extremely hard spikes to short and almost hairy


4. Water in cacti is viscous, but completely safe to drink.


5. Some cactus spines can be extremely poisonous- ouch!


6. 1749 out of 1750 cacti species are native to the Americas.


7. The tallest cactus recorded was over 6 stories tall!


8. Dragonfruit comes from cactus.


9. There is a species of cactus that is native to Chicago.


10. Saguaro National Park’s cacti have microchip ID’s implanted to prevent theft.



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